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Tilbes Hyk

READ: "Halafians and Ubaidians: The Case of Tilbes Hyk" (PDF)
The Netherlands Institute for the Near East

"The Tilbes Project: the Early Bronze Evidence"
The Netherlands Institute for the Near East

Tilbes Hyk is a six hectare archaeological mound on the Euphrates River in the southeast Turkish Province of Urfa. The site is one of many that was flooded by the reservoir waters of the Birecik Damn. The Tilbes Project began its salvage excavatuion in Urfa in 1996 ...

The Chalcolithic Age has been part of the main focus. The now submerged Tilbes Hyk strata contained a large sample of ceramics dated to the time of the so-called Uruk Expansion and the preceding periods. Based on information from the western and southern parts of the mound pre-Late Chalcolithic styles at Tilbes cover at least the late Ubaid Phase of Southern Mesopotamia. This phase seems to be the first cultural occupation of the mound ...

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