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Jabal Hamrat Fidan

Excavation at the gate of Khirbat en-Nahas in what was Ancient Edom ... Part of the Jabal Hamrat Fidan Project carried out under the auspices of the University of California in San Diego and the Department of Antiquities of Jordan

Edom 35 miles north of Petra in Jordan, Jabal Hamrat Fidan is one of the oldest sites in the Levant. The Jabal (Arabic == Mountain) Hamrat Fidan in southern Jordan marks the gateway to the Faynan District; the largest source of copper ore in the southern Levantine mainland.

The Faynan District has been the most important source of copper ore for ancient communities living in what is today Israel -- Jordan -- Palestine. Exploitation of Faynan ore spans the entire range of late prehistoric (Neolithic or 8th and 7th millenniums) -- Chalcolithic (circa 4500-3600 BC) -- Bronze Age (circa 3600-2000 BC) -- Late Iron Age (circa 1000-586 BC) and Roman (37 BC -- 324 AD) periods ...

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