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Anshan (Persian: انشان‬‎ Anšan -- Elamite Anzan) -- Modern Tell Malyan

Tell Malyan view from the west (Livius.org)

The low mounds of Tepe (Turkish : Mound) Malyan cover nearly 200 hectares in the Fars Province 46 kilometers north of Shiraz and 43 kilometers west of Persepolis. The ruins -- covering 350 acres -- have yielded major archaeological finds including examples of early Elamite writing. Anshan came to prominence about 2350 BC as an enemy of the Mesopotamian Dynasty of Akkad. Its greatest period however was during the 13th and 12th centuries BC (Middle Elamite Empire) when as Kings of Anshan and Susa Elamite rulers periodically raided Neo-Babylonian cities ... About 675 BC the region apparently came under control of the Achaemenian Persians who in turn also bore the title Kings of Anshan and Susa down to the accession of Darius I in 522 BC ...

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