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The Uruk Expansion: Cross Cultural Exchange in Early Mesopotamian Civilization
Guillermo Algaze in Current Anthropology Volume 30:5:1989 (571-608)

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Excerpts and Definitions and Addendums:

...... Another Uruk enclave has been identified at Tell Brak, a large multi-period mound. The remains uncovered by Brittish excavations at the site leave little doubt as to a southern Mesopotamian presence here although the site had been an important regional center prior to the Uruk intrusion.

The size of the Uruk settlement at Tell Brak has been clarified by new investigations which show the presence of Uruk levels over the whole of the site's 40 odd hectares. Moreover, Tell Brak is surrounded by a ring of smaller settlements in which Uruk materials have also been identified. These may represent either an extensive lower city or a number of satellites. In either case the Uruk enclave at Tell Brak must have been significantly larger than the site itself. The enclave was not isolated: Uruk pottery was found in at least 11 sites in its vicinity ...

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