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Biblical Shechem (Modern Balata)

Modern Balata has been identified as the site of the biblical city of Schechem near the central Palestinian town of Nablus. There was some occupation in the Pre-Pottery Neolithic Period but the first town was built in the Middle Bronze Age. This first town was destroyed at the end of the Middle Bronze Age and not re-occupied until the 16th ccntury BC. It was clearly an important city in the Late Bronze Age and it figures prominently in the Amarna letters; however few buildings of this period have been investigated. This town was destroyed in the 12th century BC and there was another break in occupation until the 10th century BC when it was usurped by the Israelites. The city was destroyed by the Assyrians in 720 BC after which there was intermittent occupation until its final destruction in 101 BC ...

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